September 24, 2015


Hello Guys!!

So, I've decided to revamp the site and update the pages as well seeing as they're so out of date. I'm not exactly sure if I'll be posting book reviews on the site while this process is in progress but I will most definitely still be active on goodreads. So if you're on there just click on the link on the right side of the website and head over to my goodreads page and follow me there! :D

Book reviews will most definitely start piling up. Don't worry!Here is a quick peek at what's to come. Not including the dozens of eArcs I have to get to. ;)
So, hope all is well with you and hope you're still reading this blog even though it's been a while. :)
I am also active on Wattpad and I'm actually kind of thinking of doing reviews on some stories I've read on there because there are some awesome unknown writers on there too. :) *all links on the right side of the page. ;) 

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  1. Good luck with designing! I can't wait to see the new layout and to see your reviews of The Young Elites and Spelled!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  2. Hey Laura!
    thanks yeah, I'm still trying to do the coding but have a lot on my TBR so it's gonna take a while :) thanks for visiting the blog :)


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