STATUS: Currently NOT ACCEPTING Books for review!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by our Review Policy page!

Agreement to Authors and Publishers:

When you offer and agree to me reviewing your book: Do not expect for an ultimate 5 cupcake rating! I give HONEST reviews meaning I will say whether or not I liked or did not enjoy your book. Everything posted on this blog must be respected as MY opinion.

All Reviews include:
  • Title
  • Author
  • Blurb (usually taken from Goodreads or given by author/publisher) 
  • Page number
  • Series order (if any) 
  • Publisher
  • Amazon and Goodreads links 
  • Source 
  • Cover Image 
  • Shop Now option right off the cover image (**through amazon associates)
  • Author information (occasionally/may be requested by author/publisher)
**still have to fix links but will update once I get associates fixed.

Genres I am open to Reviewing: 
  • Romance
  • YA books (any sub-genre)
  • Contemporary 
  • Humor 
  • Science fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy 
  • Adult 
  • select children's books 
I do not accept genres under:
  • Non-fiction
  • Religion
 Formats I accept for Review: 
  • eBooks (ePUBs, MOBI) 
  • Paperbacks/Hardcovers/ Physical copies (**preferred)
  • ARCS/eARCs 
  • Audiobooks 
For self-published books:
For self published books, I am open to reviewing them but they have to be under the preferred genres mentioned above.

First priority will always be to the books I have requested to review. If you send me a book to review please give me between 3-6 weeks for the review to be posted, but this will also depend on my current TBR list. If it will take longer than 6 weeks I will contact you. Any other changes will be discussed between me and the author/publisher. 

This blog is also open to participating in book tours, promos, giveaways, and book blasts! Just please contact me!

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This website is run solely by me so, if you do email me or message me here asking whether or not I can review your book and don't get an immediate answer please do NOT take it as an insult. Whether or not I will or will not review your book you will get an answer from me. Just give me time to actually receive your email. If I do not reply after a week, please send your email again just in case your message ends up in my SPAM folder. (I have had this happen a few times)

For more information please feel free to contact me through:

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