July 23, 2014

Review: Nero (Made Men #1) by Sarah Brianne

Title: Nero
Series: Made Men
Author: Sarah Brianne
Publisher: Young Ink Press
Edition: Kindle
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Nero is the king of Legacy Prep, living a life of power.
Elle is the school’s punching bag, living a life of fear.
The only good girls Nero knows jump in his bed when he tells them to.
The closest Elle has come to a bad boy like him is in the cafeteria line.
The mob boss gave him orders to find out what she knows.
Her mouth is sealed.

I just want to be a fu**ing made man.
I’m just a fu**ing waitress

This book isn’t for everyone I will say that, but, I am really happy I took a chance on it. I absolutely loved it! I stayed up all night just trying to read and found myself actually reading more slowly because I didn’t want the story to end too fast.  A lot people might find this book very juvenile and with it’s over the top situation of Nero being a high school senior son of a mob boss with contacts to hell and high over, being able to do whatever the hell he wants and to whoever the hell he wants without consequence. 

In this book we meet Elle Buchanan; she is basically the punching bag of Legacy Prep High along with her best friend Chloe. She is loyal to a fault and puts herself in harm’s way to protect her best friend from all the bullies in school. Their scenario of bullying is way beyond any I have heard of, to the point that they are scared to even walk the halls of school, choose their food depending on who are in the line to avoid physical abuse from their fellow school mates. One late night shift she ends up witnessing something she wasn’t supposed to and the boss sends his son, Nero, to find out if Elle knows anything else and will rat them out to the feds. The Plan back fired and Nero, ends up falling for the one girl he would have never even bat an eyelash to.

Nero is the Prince of Legacy Prep along with his loyal crew of friends, Amo, Vincent and Leo (who I love!) They end up guarding Elle and Chloe through school and learn how bad things really are for the two. Sometimes even comical, they are three alpha males who will do anything to protect who they love and care about.  No one messes with them. They are tough and rough on the outside but so very much sweet and caring when it comes to Chloe and Elle. 

This is my favorite scene from Nero:
When they reached the lunchroom, Amo stopped to wait for them. Once they were in one, big group, Nero spoke.
   “So, what do you girls want to eat?”
   Elle dropped her hand from Nero’s when Chloe and her eyes met. They didn’t know how to respond.
   “It’s either pizza or the same line that’s always been here of chicken patties and hamburgers.” Elle and Chloe both turned their heads to stare at Nero. They had never gotten to pick on taste.
   “I don’t care,” Elle got out.
   “Yeah, uh, me either.” Chloe looked at the floor.
   “Jesus, pick already. I’m fucking starving.” Amo, on the other hand, was still grouchy and tired.
   Elle looked at the two lines. Hardly anyone was in the chicken and hamburger line. “Chicken patties sound fine.”
   “Who the hell doesn’t choose pizza?” Vincent obviously wasn’t happy with their choice.
   “Elle, do you like pizza?” She looked at Nero, remembering what he had told her about lying. She had already made him mad once today, and she’d learned she didn’t like it when he was mad at her.
   Elle silently said, “Yes.”
   “Chloe, do you eat pizza?” Amo asked that time.
   Chloe looked over at Elle, and Elle hoped she understood to tell the truth. She nodded.
   “So, why the hell can’t I have pizza?” Vincent clearly wanted some pizza.
   “Elle, why did you pick that line?” She looked up at Nero and bit her lip. She really didn’t want to lie to him. Therefore, the only thing she could possibly do was evade the question, and by the looks of their three faces, they weren’t going to let her off.
   She decided not to look at their eyes. “We always pick the line that doesn’t have anyone in it.”
   “And what happens if the lines are about the same?” She really wished Nero would quit asking her questions.
   She felt all their eyes on her, waiting for her answer, except Chloe’s. She was looking at the ground, wringing her hands. She didn’t want them to know anymore than Elle did. 
   “Hey, guys, what’s up?” Leo had found them and joined in, giving her hope she might not have to answer.
   “Shut up, Leo. Answer the fucking question, Elle.” Elle was shocked Amo had been the one to say that. All hope is lost. 
   Elle decided to take a page from Chloe’s book—she looked at the floor. “If the lines are even, then we pick the line that has the least scary people in it.”
   “Jesus Christ.” Elle heard Nero say.
   “For fuck’s sake,” Amo chimed in.
   “Motherfuckers,” Vincent added.
   “Does that mean they don’t want piz—” 
   “Shut up, Leo!” Nero, Amo, and Vincent all said it at the same time, making Elle and Chloe jump.
From now on, you fucking eat what you want to. Do you both understand?” Elle nodded her head at Nero. Chloe still didn’t reply.
   “Chloe, if you want fucking pizza, you eat fucking pizza, got it?” Amo yelled at her. Chloe didn’t waste any time to nod in understanding

I know it’s real sad they were bullied to this point but jeez, I laughed so hard after this scene! HAHAHAHA!!

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