June 22, 2014

Sad and at the same time happy day. Bye, Remi

So things have not been going very well over here. I have been really busy stressed with studying for boards, helping my mom out with her business and also trying to keep up with my crazy labernard puppy, Remi. Well, it came down to it is that I had to decide to put my boards first and re-home him. I was lucky enough to meet the ever so animal loving and understanding Manlongat family through my bestfriend Bea Jison.

I don't know how to express my gratitude to these people! I was stressing so bad that I wouldn't find a loving home for my baby. But I was so happy when we introduced him to them. He immediately made friends with their little shihtzu and chihuahuas :))

So, thank you for everything! And I hope you will enjoy and love your time with Remi as much as I have. :)

Also, thank you to my sister, Avril and her BF Esdi for supporting me throughout this whole sad ordeal. :D And also to the wonderful Joy Uy! of Pawsitive Education, who helped, gave me advice and taught me so much throughout this whole thing! :D

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