January 25, 2014

Rome (Marked Men #3) by Jay Crownover


 Sometimes the wrong choice can be just right . . .

Fun and fearless, Cora Lewis knows how to keep her tattooed "bad boy" friends at the Marked in line. But beneath all that flash and sass is a broken heart. Cora won't let herself get burned again. She's waiting to fall in love with the perfect man—a baggage-free, drama-free guy ready for commitment. Then she meets Rome Archer.

Rome Archer is as far from perfect as a man can be. He's stubborn, rigid, and bossy. And he's returned from his final tour of duty more than a little broken. Rome's used to filling many roles: big brother, doting son, supersoldier—but none of those fit anymore. Now he's just a man trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life while keeping the dark demons of war and loss at bay. He would have been glad to suffer through it alone, until Cora comes sweeping into his life and becomes a blinding flash of color in a sea of gray.Perfect may not be in the cards, but perfectly imperfect could just last forever . . .

Oh yes, boys and girls! The third book in the Marked Men series is out! And I must say Jay Crownover as always, did NOT disappoint! I absolutely adored Cora and Rome's story! The ups and downs that Rome goes through to find a way back to fit into civilian life and his family life. Still trying to figure out what role he is to play in everyone's lives. All these years he's been in the war while the loved ones he left behind have moved on and no longer seem to rely on him anymore. Also trying to figure out how to get over things eating him up inside, his brother's death, his PTSD and nightmares haunting him. He stumbles upon a bar owned by ex soldier Brite who eventually takes Rome under his wing and tries to help him through all the troubles of trying to fit in to civilian life. Rome is then pulled into a romance with Cora, Marked's shop manager.

Cora has been hurt once by her ex-fiance who she thought was her one and only. Only to find out he was just a cheating slime ball. She is damaged and cautious to giving her heart out to someone who isn't her exact description of Mr. Perfect. But she ends up attacted and pulled towards Rome Archer, just something about him draws her to him. These two go through a wonderful journey at finding love, acceptance and peace in their lives. This book will absolutely not disappoint. If you've read the last two books Rule and Jet you will most definitely enjoy this one ;) 

Captain No-Fun and Half Pint 4ever. 


The epilogue drops a total bomb on what we are going to find out next in the Marked Men series which will be tackling Nate's story. 

I will end this with a few of the wonderful quotes I got out of this book:

 "Relationships are not tailor-made and people are flawed. You have to work around that and love the other person anyway. Out flaws are what make us unique, and while Rule might not be perfect, he is absolutely perfect for me." -Shaw 

"I was tired of trying to guess what others' expectations of me were and had to get my head around the idea that my expectations of myself were enough" -Rome 

"Some of us found it in the love of a good woman and making a family, others, like Brite, found what was next by helping the most lost of us onto a better path. Whatever your next is kid, it'll find you or you'll find it. Don't beat yourself up about it." -Torch 

"He always tells me I color his entire world, but he did the same thing for me. If what I felt for Jimmy is beige, then what I feel for Rome is a damn box of Crayola crayons." - Cora 

"Someone had to set you right. I knew I could do it. Love is never perfect, big brother. It's what you make of the imperfections in it that makes the ride worthwhile." - Remy

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