January 17, 2014

One More Day (The Alexanders #1) by M. Malone

ARC copy from Netgalley.
I really wanted to like this book, and at times I did. But I found it to be very dragging.
It’s a very quick read. I absolutely adored Jase and Chris, Jackson’s two sons. As well as the Alexander family, they reminded me of the Chase series books.
The books follows Ridley, who is the shy good hearted girl next door type as compared to her traveling supermodel twin Raina. Ridley, is trying to escape something that is haunting her back in Florida she ends up at her sister’s doorstep in Virginia but finds out that her sister is at a photo shoot in Singapore. She then falls into the arms of next door hunky music producer neighbor Jackson Alexander,who has just lost his wife to a terrible accident and is now a single father raising two boys. The story follows their instant chemistry and their journey to gaining both their trusts and surviving whatever is haunting Ridley.
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