January 20, 2014

Finding Hart by Ella Fox

 (from tumblr via google images)

 Okay. Wow. My mind is blown!

 I gave the first Hart Family book a 2 star rating. As the story progresses it only gets better. I am giving this one a very well deserved 4 star rating!

I'm guessing this will be the final book of the series? Since the epilogue basically says it all. I loved their happy ending, but boy did the whole family go through a wild roller coaster ride to get there. I seriously pity Dillon and especially Spencer for having been born to such an obnoxious, crazy-ass biatch Tally, though at times I felt really bad for her, she was seriously messed up as well. I absolutely loved the letters parts throughout the story. *spoiler* 7 days apart 

((from tumblr via google images)

 Falling in love with this man is the best thing that ever happened to me and I wouldn't change a thing. As Dillon has always said, all of our roads led to each other.
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