January 19, 2014

Broken Hart by Ella Fox

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I will say one thing about this book, it is filled with really hot sex scenes, but that's all it's worth. Seriously, I didn't enjoy this book in the least. The writing was very dragging, I found myself just skipping to the conversations and even those weren't that interesting. I seriously disappointed with this one since it's got a pretty good rating on goodreads. Oh well, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I mean, hello, a good sex scene is pretty well off in a book, but seriously?! it was like every other page the characters were just going at it like crazy animals! ugh! 

In this book we are introduced the Hart family consisting of Dante, the eldest and father-like figure of the bunch, Damien who is the easy going one and Spencer Cross, their brother from a another mother and the twins Delilah and Dominique. They all grew up with terrrible parents who were sex and drug addicts who never really gave a crap about their children. Dante was forced to put up with the beating and stand in as father figure to them all. But one they he does have in common with his brothers are that they are all against commitment. That is until he meets Sabrina Tyler. She enters his life as an intern in to Hart International (Hart family's company) and from there on their spark is instant. One night after Sabrina's dance competition she and Dante decided to take their relationship to a whole new level. From then on it's ups and downs with Sabrina trying to put up with Dante's commitment issues. It's a ride for the senses filled with hot steamy sex, all out drama, and a lot of dirty talkin' 

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